Uber Weather has been customized for Kimberley, BC content!

kimberleyUberWeather has the most Powerful Search Portal for Kimberley, BC that combines both Text and Visual Search! It is a simple, “Spam Free” user interface which has now been optimized for “Kimberley” content. We are solving the problem for “Visual Search”, with increased consumer confidence in Search Results via GIS accuracy.

Uber Weather may be the only app that combines “Weather” with Google Places, Google Traffic, GIS Enhanced Search and more, in one simple, spam free, User Interface.

Visit our Customized Site for Kimberley, BC = UberWeather.com/ca/bc/kimberleydownload

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Email: Office@UberWeather.com

If you would like to connect with Uber Weather, you can link to our website by going to UberWeather.com/ca/bc/kimberley, clicking on the “About/Contact Us” tab and cutting and pasting the code shown below to your website. You might want to get your friendly neighborhood geek to help you out =)


Winter Wonderland in the Kootenays!

Kimberley Alpine Resort – View from the Uber Weather Office! 

A lifestyle you could be a part of!

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