Hangouts with James Fee – Going above and beyond with Uber Weather

Hangouts with James Fee features candid conversations with leaders from the Geospatial professions, AEC, and related industries. Fee and guests deliver the latest news to established pros while providing background and context for students and new professionals. WeoGeo is producing this series both for outreach and to serve our community. Thanks for watching!

Episode 20 – Episode 20 – The first hangout this year was all about using mapping web services. Canadian geo-developer James Swansburg came in to talk about how he’s using the Google Maps API, other Google James SwansburgAPIs, Fusion Tables and Azure to create his weather application, Uber Weather. Uber Weather is in the Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012 and is awaiting the final judging results. We talked about how James is using Google services such as mapping, weather, Flight Explorer and other services. He also explained how WeoGeo made using OSM data easier for him to integrate into his app (that’s how we met him). We wrapped up the show with a discussion of his business model, Google’s API pricing schemes, and what they mean to independent developers. » Watch!