Google Places API Developer Challenge Winners Announced

We’re happy to announce the winners of the Google Places API Developer Challenge, an event that brought together 87 developers from 27 countries around the world to build applications that address some of the most pressing needs facing our communities. The winning apps address important community issues such as emergency response, homelessness, public transport and environmental impact. Many exciting prizes await these talented developers, whom we look forward to seeing later this year at Google I/O.

Challenge participants were encouraged by civic leaders to combine the Google Places API with one or more municipal data sets to create an application that helps improve their communities. You can check out the applications gallery to see the full suite of incredible applications submitted by developers around the globe, then continue reading to see how the four winning developers and three runners-up succeeded in meeting the goals of the challenge!

And the winners are…

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Judge’s Choice Award for the Google Places API Developer Challenge happens Tomorrow!

TimeframeAPI Developer Challenge

  • August 15, 2012: Submissions Begin
  • November 30, 2012: Deadline for Application Submission
  • December 12 – January 15, 2013: Public Voting
  • December 12 – January 11, 2013: Voting by Judges
  • January 30, 2013: Winners Announced
  • 2013: Live Streaming of Awards Presentation Hangout with a recap at the 2013 I/O Conference


Showcase your Google Places API application at our annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco. There will be two categories of awards – Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice awards:

Judge’s Choice Award

Three (3) application entries will receive an immersive experience at Google I/O 2013, including:

  • 2 Google I/O tickets per winning team
  • $3500 travel stipend
  • A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
  • Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team

Three runners up will enjoy:

  • One (1) Google Nexus 7 16gb Tablet
  • A 15-minute hang out with a Google Executive

People’s Choice Award

One entry will be chosen by the voting public and will receive:

  • 2 Google I/O tickets per team
  • $3500 travel stipend
  • A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
  • Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team

CMT – TD Takes Heat for its Collateral Mortgages

Collateral charge mortgages got more bad press on Friday after CBC’s Marketplace ranthis report.Collateral-Mortgage

The gist of it is thatcollateral mortgages“effectively trap you at the bank,” says the CBC (which is not entirely true…more on that below).

TD Canada Trust, which sells only collateral charge mortgages, was caught in CBC’s crosshairs. An undercover reporter went into a TD branch with a hiddencamera, asking the mortgage rep what made TD mortgages different than those at other banks.

After being questioned in four different ways, the TD rep finally disclosed that TD’s mortgage was a collateral charge, saying:

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Uber Weather has been customized for Kimberley, BC content!

kimberleyUberWeather has the most Powerful Search Portal for Kimberley, BC that combines both Text and Visual Search! It is a simple, “Spam Free” user interface which has now been optimized for “Kimberley” content. We are solving the problem for “Visual Search”, with increased consumer confidence in Search Results via GIS accuracy.

Uber Weather may be the only app that combines “Weather” with Google Places, Google Traffic, GIS Enhanced Search and more, in one simple, spam free, User Interface.

Visit our Customized Site for Kimberley, BC =

Advertising with Uber Weather is easier than you think. Contact us and see how you can get started!


If you would like to connect with Uber Weather, you can link to our website by going to, clicking on the “About/Contact Us” tab and cutting and pasting the code shown below to your website. You might want to get your friendly neighborhood geek to help you out =)

REM – Networking 101 for new agents

handshakeOne of the most important ways to meet new prospects in real estate is by networking, both online and offline.

Before you decided to become a real estate agent, you had to figure out if you had the qualities required to do this job. Being social and outgoing are two of the most important traits necessary to make it in this tough industry. I’ll be perfectly honest with you; I was not the most outgoing person before I started this career. But I learned the importance of the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” and have since mastered the art of networking.

Here I will explain the basis of networking face-to-face and online. Some of it might seem like common sense or very basic to you but, trust me, I’ve seen and heard some horror stories when it comes to networking.

The why is simple. Your goal is to be top of mind when someone decides to sell/buy real estate. You have to get the word out that you are a qualified real estate agent who knows the market. Advertising will only take you so far. I consider advertising to be the re-enforcement of your networking efforts. If all you do is advertise and never network, you will not be able to maximize your brand out in the market and will have to spend a lot more money.

Google Maps adds new 45-degree satellite imagery to take on Apple’s Flyover

As Apple apologized on Friday for subpar performance of its new iOS 6 Maps application, Google introduced a new feature that competes with Apple’s Flyover: 45-degree satellite images.

The new angled satellite images are now available in 37 U.S. and 14 international locations. Unlike Apple’s Flyover in iOS 6 Maps, the images cannot be rendered in three dimensions, but they do allow a better look at satellite imagery from a new angle.

In one example posted to the company’s official blog, Google showed a picture of Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa captured from the new 45-degree angle and in higher resolution.

Apple has pushed its own 3D recreations of major cities, a feature called Flyover as one of the hallmark features of its new iOS 6 Maps. Apple’s new mapping solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch replaced the previous version of the software which relied on Google’s data.

Google’s new 45-degree satellite imagery in select cities arrives the same day that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook publicly apologized for the Maps application in iOS 6. The CEO not only acknowledged “the frustration this has caused our customers,” but also recommended a slew of competing applications customers can use as Apple continues to improve its Maps application. Among those recommended by Cook was the Web version of Google Maps.

Check out what cities now have 45-degree satellite imagery

REM – CREA partners with FCAC

CREA is collaborating with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to help consumers navigate theLaunching The Homebuyer’s Roadmap, from left: Pauline Aunger, CREA director-at-large; Ursula Menke, FCAC commissioner; Gary Simonsen, CREA CEO; Shelly Glover, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance; and Ansel Clarke, president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. complexities and financial implications of purchasing a home. The Homebuyers’ Road Map was recently launched on CREA’s website at

In a recent Nanos Research survey for CREA, more than 63 per cent of Canadians indicated a “major need” for more information about the financial details of buying a home. That figure rose to 70 per cent for respondents between the ages of 18 and 29.

“As Realtors, we appreciate that young Canadians and first-time homebuyers are craving more information about the financial details required to purchase a home. The purpose of the Homebuyers’ Road Map is to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions about one of the largest purchases they will ever make,” says Gary Simonsen, CREA’s CEO.

Launched to coincide with Financial Literacy Month, the map is a guide that will help Canadians better understand the home buying process as well as appreciate the importance of negotiating with lenders and researching government programs, says CREA.

Hangouts with James Fee – Going above and beyond with Uber Weather

Hangouts with James Fee features candid conversations with leaders from the Geospatial professions, AEC, and related industries. Fee and guests deliver the latest news to established pros while providing background and context for students and new professionals. WeoGeo is producing this series both for outreach and to serve our community. Thanks for watching!

Episode 20 – Episode 20 – The first hangout this year was all about using mapping web services. Canadian geo-developer James Swansburg came in to talk about how he’s using the Google Maps API, other Google James SwansburgAPIs, Fusion Tables and Azure to create his weather application, Uber Weather. Uber Weather is in the Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012 and is awaiting the final judging results. We talked about how James is using Google services such as mapping, weather, Flight Explorer and other services. He also explained how WeoGeo made using OSM data easier for him to integrate into his app (that’s how we met him). We wrapped up the show with a discussion of his business model, Google’s API pricing schemes, and what they mean to independent developers. » Watch!

Cheap Lift Tickets on Uber Weather!

Check out for cheap lift tickets!!! Kimberley Ski Resort: 6 of 8 day lift pass for $200.00! Lake Louise, Sunshine, Kicking Horse… they’re all on there! Want local business info? Uberweather has it all! Check us out at

Photo: Check out for cheap lift tickets!!! Kimberley Ski Resort: 6 of 8 day lift pass for $200.00! Lake Louise, Sunshine, Kicking Horse... they're all on there! Want local business info? Uberweather has it all! Check us out at

Uber Weather offers discounted ski lift tickets. For example, you can get six days skiing in Kimberley, BC, Canada for $200. This is a great deal, and we are pleased to help you get it.

There are no “Display Ads” on Uber Weather. Instead, as you click around the site, tabs will appear that may be of interest to you. In this demo video, after you search for Kimberley, you click the “Regional View” tab. Then a “Skier Icon” tab appears. If you click it, then tabs appear with snow reports and “Lift Tickets”. If you click the lift ticket tab, then a display ad will appear for Liftopia.

Uber Weather partnered with Liftopia as they seem to have great deals and we get a 3% commission from them to help support our amazing weather site.

The last bit of the video talks about the BC and Alberta HighwayCamera layer, Driving Directions, and how to open the ski resort in 3D view.

Discount Ski Tickets via Uber Weather – How to Video

Cheers, and have a great ski season!

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Winter Wonderland in the Kootenays!

Kimberley Alpine Resort – View from the Uber Weather Office! 

A lifestyle you could be a part of!

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