Landmax Inc. has built a “Points of Interest” Editor for Kimberley, BC!

Landmax Inc,  a Software Development Company, has built a NEW Editor for Businesses in Kimberley, BC. Landmax specializes in “Visual Search”, “Consumer GIS”, and “Unobtrusive Marketing and that is exactly what you get with this new application. We have designed this application around visualization of the data. Now when you search for a Business, you can search by Category and not have to know the name of the Business you are  looking for. Once you have selected a business you can see where it is located via Satellite Imagery and Street View.


POI Editor photo

Points of Interest (POI) Editor is a NEW product and may still contain some bugs throughout it. Please play around with editor and let us know what you think!



REM – RECO decision riles education providers

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is set to introduce a new online mandatory continuing education program that it says will provide significant benefits to registrants.reco

The courses will be administered and delivered directly from RECO, a move that has riled the province’s third-party education providers.

Set to start August 1, the new program represents a complete overhaul of the current system in terms of content, structure, price and how courses are delivered. The new course material has been limited to focus strictly on consumer protection, regulatory matters and current industry issues. These courses will be delivered in an online format only.

The entire continuing education program, which will be phased in over a two-year period, will cost registrants a mere $44 for the whole two-year cycle. RECO says this low fee is based on the fact that it is delivering the entire program online and that it is a not-for-profit organization working strictly on a cost-recovery basis.

This marks a significant departure from the current system where approved third-party education providers offer courses in several real estate, business and technology related subjects, and deliver these courses not only online, but also through correspondence and in a classroom setting.

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REM – Networking 101 for new agents

handshakeOne of the most important ways to meet new prospects in real estate is by networking, both online and offline.

Before you decided to become a real estate agent, you had to figure out if you had the qualities required to do this job. Being social and outgoing are two of the most important traits necessary to make it in this tough industry. I’ll be perfectly honest with you; I was not the most outgoing person before I started this career. But I learned the importance of the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” and have since mastered the art of networking.

Here I will explain the basis of networking face-to-face and online. Some of it might seem like common sense or very basic to you but, trust me, I’ve seen and heard some horror stories when it comes to networking.

The why is simple. Your goal is to be top of mind when someone decides to sell/buy real estate. You have to get the word out that you are a qualified real estate agent who knows the market. Advertising will only take you so far. I consider advertising to be the re-enforcement of your networking efforts. If all you do is advertise and never network, you will not be able to maximize your brand out in the market and will have to spend a lot more money.

REM – CREA partners with FCAC

CREA is collaborating with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to help consumers navigate theLaunching The Homebuyer’s Roadmap, from left: Pauline Aunger, CREA director-at-large; Ursula Menke, FCAC commissioner; Gary Simonsen, CREA CEO; Shelly Glover, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance; and Ansel Clarke, president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. complexities and financial implications of purchasing a home. The Homebuyers’ Road Map was recently launched on CREA’s website at

In a recent Nanos Research survey for CREA, more than 63 per cent of Canadians indicated a “major need” for more information about the financial details of buying a home. That figure rose to 70 per cent for respondents between the ages of 18 and 29.

“As Realtors, we appreciate that young Canadians and first-time homebuyers are craving more information about the financial details required to purchase a home. The purpose of the Homebuyers’ Road Map is to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions about one of the largest purchases they will ever make,” says Gary Simonsen, CREA’s CEO.

Launched to coincide with Financial Literacy Month, the map is a guide that will help Canadians better understand the home buying process as well as appreciate the importance of negotiating with lenders and researching government programs, says CREA.

The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map is a public information toolkit to help homebuyers make informed decisions and planning when choosing a home. This project is a collaboration between The Canadian Real Estate Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.


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REM – Canada’s smallest condo units planned

Surrey, B.C. may soon be home to the country’s smallest condominium units.

Developer Tien Sher’s latest project, Balance, is a four-storey building with 56 micro suites, with the smallest to be just 290 square feet.

“We wanted to build suites that renters could afford to purchase today,” says Charan Sethi, president of Tien Sher. “With suites starting at $109,900, if you can afford the $6,000 down payment, and you make a salary of $17 per hour, we have a home for you.”

Sixty per cent of the Balance suites are 305 square feet or smaller. All micro suites will contain five stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and a balcony. The largest suite in the complex is a one-bedroom at 653 square feet.

While prices are not finalized, Sethi says the profit margin is “very tight” on the project to keep the homes affordable. These homes will be the best prices in the Lower Mainland, the company says.

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Suspicious Clients Article from RealtorLink News

Suspicious clients?

Have you ever suspected one of your clients isn’t being honest? This client may have bought and sold a number of properties using your services and may have referred others to you. But one day your client makes an offhand comment or you overhear part of a conversation that makes you wonder whether the “family businesses” or “investments” they say are the source of funds to buy properties, are legal.

Suspicious Clients Article from RealtorLink News

“Organized crime often takes great measures to appear legitimate,” explains Hughes. “Criminals use family members or relations who may look like a typical family with an ordinary business, while in reality they’re strawmen for criminals trafficking drugs, firearms, humans, stolen vehicles, or running illegal gambling and prostitution houses.”       

Teresa Hughes, Director of Investigations, Probe Inc.




REM – Orange Square Realty launches in Toronto

Brokers Michel Friedman and Eva Liu have formed a new independent real estate brokerage in Toronto called Orange Square Realty.

Friedman is a 22-year industry veteran, and has been vice-president of a large independent brokerage, general manager of an international franchise, broker of record of his own multi-branch company, manager of various real estate offices and a freelance real estate trainer. He takes on the role of broker of record, recruiter and trainer at Orange Square Realty.

Liu has been a director of financing for a large independent brokerage for the past eight years and previously served in the same role at an international real estate franchise, as well as various brokerages. She takes on the roles of office manager and accounting.

The owners say the company will operate on the principals they believe in: “Putting the agents’ interests first by giving them maximum support and intensive training for a very reasonable fixed fee.”

“We offer options that are new to our industry, both to agents as well as the consumer,” says Friedman. It offers agents an option of residuals or fixed-dollar bonuses paid monthly, training courses and a company telephone for agents’ home offices.

“The office, which will be located in central Toronto, will feature free parking, private and semi-private offices and state-of-the-art computer and telephone systems,” says Liu.

The owners say their goal is to become the largest independent brokerage in Ontario within five years.

REM – 360 VOX acquires Sotheby’s Canada

360 VOX Corporation has acquired luxury real estate firm Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec and Blueprint Global Marketing.

The company says it acquired all of the shares of Mt. Ventoux Holdings Inc., which owns Max Wright Real Estate Corporation and 75.5 per cent of Gestram Real Estate Services Inc., which do business as Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec, under direct franchise agreements with Realogy Group. 360 VOX says it will retain the relationship with Realogy

In addition to completing the acquisition of the 75.5 per cent interest in Gestram Real Estate Services Inc. from the sellers, 360 VOX agreed to terms and concurrently completed the acquisition for cash consideration of the remaining 24.5 per cent interest not owned by the sellers.
As a result of these transactions, 360 VOX now owns 100 per cent of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec and Blueprint Global Marketing, which markets real estate internationally, working with the Sotheby’s International Realty network to assist in the listing and selling of international developments.

The company says, “Pursuant to the terms of the Share Purchase Agreement, the sellers will receive as consideration up to $3,650,000 in cash and 54.25 million common shares of 360 VOX (or approximately 27 per cent of the issued and outstanding common shares of 360 VOX prior to giving effect to the transaction).”

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REM – Buying a partial interest in a brokerage

If you are buying into the real estate brokerage that employs you and in effect forming a partnership of some sort, many questions must be answered. Consider the ramifications of acquiring a partial interest only, which could be either a majority or minority ownership position.

A majority interest is the holding of 50 per cent plus one of all issued shares of an incorporated company. A minority is less than this. At law, there is no such thing as an equal interest. If exactly 50 per cent of the issued shares are owned by any party, this is a minority position.

In smaller companies such as most real estate brokerages, control is usually obtained by owning more shares that anyone else or all other shareholders combined. A minority interest holder may have a small voice, a growth investment and perhaps a job with slightly more security than otherwise; but legally, little else. The person who holds the majority interest, special covenants excepted, controls the brokerage. With certain exceptions, that individual can make all of the decisions and run the firm as he sees fit. Although there are some legal protections in the day-to-day operation, minority shareholders are at the mercy of the majority shareholder.

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