Landmax Inc. has built a “Points of Interest” Editor for Kimberley, BC!

Landmax Inc,  a Software Development Company, has built a NEW Editor for Businesses in Kimberley, BC. Landmax specializes in “Visual Search”, “Consumer GIS”, and “Unobtrusive Marketing and that is exactly what you get with this new application. We have designed this application around visualization of the data. Now when you search for a Business, you can search by Category and not have to know the name of the Business you are  looking for. Once you have selected a business you can see where it is located via Satellite Imagery and Street View.


POI Editor photo

Points of Interest (POI) Editor is a NEW product and may still contain some bugs throughout it. Please play around with editor and let us know what you think!



The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map is a public information toolkit to help homebuyers make informed decisions and planning when choosing a home. This project is a collaboration between The Canadian Real Estate Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.


Click this image for more info:


Landmax Listing Tools (LLT) allows ANYONE to create simple, shareable web sites of property. This version is optimized for British Columbia, Canada.Icon of LLT

Almost instantly, you get a short URL which you can include in your Real Estate Marketing, or distribute via Search Portals or Realtors.

Check out how easy it is! Create & Share.

Looking to Sell Your Home? Well Landmax Listing Tools are here to help!

There is NO more guessing on where your home is located to your costumers. If a costumer is interested in your property all you have to do is send them your Property Presentation that you have created from Landmax Listing Tools. These tools help you accurately describe any parcel of land in the world, and easily save, print or share. Landmax Listing Tools are about LOCATION “Accuracy” and “Sharing”.

Features of Landmax Listings Tools are:

  1. We use by Landmax Inc.) to extract the GIS data for the parcel and superimpose the parcel outline onto a Google base map.
  2. Google Street View is used to show a 360-degree street level image.
  3. Birds-eye View is an elevated view of the house/neighbourhood, with a perspective as though the observer where a bird.
  4. Google Earth lets you view the terrain around you in 3D.

Not all Properties will have access to all of these features depending on what information Google has on your area.

Just go to GOOGLE and type in, LANDMAX LISTING TOOLS or LANDMAX LISTING SERVICES and create your Property Presentation!

“List with Landmax”, your property deserves more!

Landmax Sample Listings

These listings demonstrate the power of the Landmax “Land First / Maximum Knowledge” System of presenting Real Estate. Most are samplesand not actual properties for sale. The purpose of these samples is not to sell you the property, but to explain the features of our “Listing System”. Watch the video, then play with either the Editor or Presentation.

  1. BC – Rural Acreage with Subdividing PotentialPublic Presentation
  2. BC – Urban with huge “Lot Value”Public Presentation
  3. AB – Urban Unique Location with Downtown ViewPublic Presentation
  4. AB – Commercial Condo with Strata NumberingPublic Presentation

Landmax Listing Service (LLS) is about LOCATION “Accuracy” and “Sharing

Landmax Listing Services (LLS) are a set of software tools designed to help PROPERTY OWNERS create accurate, shareable descriptions of Real Estate.

Once created, you get a short, shareable URL which you can include in your Real Estate Marketing, or distribute via Search Portals or Realtors.

It’s FREE, and as easy as this!

  1. Enter City/Town
  2. Enter Address
  3. Zoom Map, Drag Marker, Then OKAY!
  4. Set your Google Street View
  5. Draw “Polygon” Outline
  6. Edit, Delete, Continue
  7. DONE! Shorten/Share URL

Check it out and see what you think of our Landmax Listing Service Tools!

Enter Site: 

What do I get with Landmax Realty?

“Information is not knowledge.” Albert Einstein 

If you want the best deal possible,

you need the best knowledge possible.

Landmax* is “Maximum Knowledge”, with no pressure!

Customers have compared Landmax to “Speed Dating” for Real Estate. You get the most important information within seconds , then you can drill down if the initial criteria are satisfactory.

  1. Maximum content and exposure, with link to custom web presentation.
  2. Landmax exclusive, full screen (HD), Google optimized web page online within 24 hours.
      Up to FOUR custom views:
    • Google Map with “Polygon” outline of your land
    • Google Street View (if applicable)
    • Google Earth 3D with parcel outline (if applicable)
    • Microsoft Birds-Eye View
  3. Video “Screen-Cast” tour of your property
  4. PDF’s of all pertinent Documentation (Zoning, Bylaws, Utilities, etc.
  5. Real Estate Sign with MLS® Number for Further Information

Landmax Realty

“And now for something completely different!”Monty Python

Landmax Inc. builds and delivers the best “Real Estate Presentations” in Canada. All presentations start with LAND, followed by MAXimum information. We do not re-create SEARCH, but rather build on top of and Google Search.

List your property with a “Landmax Inc. Affiliate MLS® Brokerage” and Landmax Inc. will build your presentation, link to it from, optimize it for Google Search and create a simple URL for easy sharing on Social Networks.

“List with Landmax”, your property deserves more!

Check it out!