Landmark Steps to Liberate Open Data

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On May 9th, as he heads to Austin, Texas, for a Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour, President Obama signed an Executive Order directing historic steps to make government-held data more accessible to the public and to entrepreneurs and others as fuel for innovation and economic growth. The Executive Order declares that information is a valuable resource and strategic asset for the Nation. We couldn’t agree more.

Under the terms of the Executive Order and a new Open Data Policy released today by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Management and Budget, all newly generated government data will be required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats, greatly enhancing their accessibility and usefulness, while ensuring privacy and security.

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Google Developers Live: Don Dodge interviews David Weekly

Root access: How your startup should work with advisors, with David Weekly

David Weekly

Streamed live on Mar 7, 2013

Don Dodge interviews David Weekly about how to use advisors for your startup effectively and what kind of contract to have with them. David Weekly founded PBWorks, a hosted wiki/collaboration service that serves four million people a month. He also started HackerDojo, a co-working space in Mountain View, CA, where Pinterest was born. David has been on both sides of the table multiple times: getting help from advisors for his startups and advising entrepreneurs on their startups.

Venture capital drought over, would-be entrepreneurs told


After a decade-long drought, venture capital has become plentiful again in Canada, attendees at the National Business and Technology Conference in Toronto were told on Saturday.

“We’ve gone from a decade of inactivity … to there being a surplus almost,” said Ray Sharma, founder and president of Toronto game developer XMG Studio Inc.  and co-founder ofExtreme Venture Partners, an early-stage investor based in Toronto. “This is the best time to start up a company.”

Sharma said venture capital started flowing last year after “10 years in Canada where there was a death valley in venture capital.” Speaking as part of a panel on venture capital at the two-day conference, he told an audience made up largely of university students that it is easier now to find funding than it has been for a decade.

That doesn’t mean everyone with an idea will get funding, though, and fellow panelist Andy Yang offered some advice on what venture capitalists want to see.

Yang, managing director and chief innovation hunter for Extreme Startups and a former venture capitalist at BlackBerry Partners Fund, said he looks closely at the team pitching an idea – not just their skills but the rapport among the team members. He also prefers to see disruptive technology and strong intellectual property, rather than a team that is “just going to create an app and hope for the best.”

Toronto-based Extreme Startups puts startups through a 12-week accelerator program that includes $50,000 up front and up to $150,000 in additional investment.

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Payroll Hero gets $1 million in seed funding; scores talent from promise of Whistler pow!

Payroll Hero gets $1 million in seed funding;  scores talent with promise of Whistler pow

What does cruising through early-morning powder on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb have to do with cutting-edge payroll software on the other side of the globe?

For Vancouver entrepreneur Steve Jagger, it’s everything.

Faced with the task of recruiting talent for their latest start-up Payroll Hero, Jagger and his partner Mike Stephenson dealt the one card that trumps Silicon Valley — cut fresh tracks first, code later.

“We call them adventure engineers,” Jagger said of the computer engineers who have moved to Whistler to work out of an office in Function Junction when they’re not on the slopes. “We wanted to find a unique way to compete for talent — we set up an office in Whistler so we could attract talent with the mountain.

“Instead of competing head to head with Silicon Valley, where whatever we offer, someone can get $5,000 more a year in two seconds with someone else, we attract adventure engineers and we sell them on the idea of working and living in Whistler, taking off ski days and starting work at noon so they ski in the morning.”

When they’re working, they’re part of a 12-person virtual global team that has created a cloud-based software solution for companies that need to find a one-stop solution for tracking employees’ time, attendance, scheduling and keeping payroll.

So far it’s a strategy that’s finding success. Payroll Hero that has just announced $1 million in seed funding from a number of angel investors including Ryan Holmes, CEO of Vancouver-based social media management company HootSuite.

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Uber Weather has been customized for Kimberley, BC content!

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Uber Weather may be the only app that combines “Weather” with Google Places, Google Traffic, GIS Enhanced Search and more, in one simple, spam free, User Interface.

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Google Maps adds new 45-degree satellite imagery to take on Apple’s Flyover

As Apple apologized on Friday for subpar performance of its new iOS 6 Maps application, Google introduced a new feature that competes with Apple’s Flyover: 45-degree satellite images.

The new angled satellite images are now available in 37 U.S. and 14 international locations. Unlike Apple’s Flyover in iOS 6 Maps, the images cannot be rendered in three dimensions, but they do allow a better look at satellite imagery from a new angle.

In one example posted to the company’s official blog, Google showed a picture of Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa captured from the new 45-degree angle and in higher resolution.

Apple has pushed its own 3D recreations of major cities, a feature called Flyover as one of the hallmark features of its new iOS 6 Maps. Apple’s new mapping solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch replaced the previous version of the software which relied on Google’s data.

Google’s new 45-degree satellite imagery in select cities arrives the same day that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook publicly apologized for the Maps application in iOS 6. The CEO not only acknowledged “the frustration this has caused our customers,” but also recommended a slew of competing applications customers can use as Apple continues to improve its Maps application. Among those recommended by Cook was the Web version of Google Maps.

Check out what cities now have 45-degree satellite imagery

REM – CREA partners with FCAC

CREA is collaborating with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to help consumers navigate theLaunching The Homebuyer’s Roadmap, from left: Pauline Aunger, CREA director-at-large; Ursula Menke, FCAC commissioner; Gary Simonsen, CREA CEO; Shelly Glover, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance; and Ansel Clarke, president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. complexities and financial implications of purchasing a home. The Homebuyers’ Road Map was recently launched on CREA’s website at

In a recent Nanos Research survey for CREA, more than 63 per cent of Canadians indicated a “major need” for more information about the financial details of buying a home. That figure rose to 70 per cent for respondents between the ages of 18 and 29.

“As Realtors, we appreciate that young Canadians and first-time homebuyers are craving more information about the financial details required to purchase a home. The purpose of the Homebuyers’ Road Map is to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions about one of the largest purchases they will ever make,” says Gary Simonsen, CREA’s CEO.

Launched to coincide with Financial Literacy Month, the map is a guide that will help Canadians better understand the home buying process as well as appreciate the importance of negotiating with lenders and researching government programs, says CREA.

Designated Agency in BC

Designated Agency will become the industry practice standard in British Columbia as of June 1, 2012. Read more here:

REM – Canada’s smallest condo units planned

Surrey, B.C. may soon be home to the country’s smallest condominium units.

Developer Tien Sher’s latest project, Balance, is a four-storey building with 56 micro suites, with the smallest to be just 290 square feet.

“We wanted to build suites that renters could afford to purchase today,” says Charan Sethi, president of Tien Sher. “With suites starting at $109,900, if you can afford the $6,000 down payment, and you make a salary of $17 per hour, we have a home for you.”

Sixty per cent of the Balance suites are 305 square feet or smaller. All micro suites will contain five stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and a balcony. The largest suite in the complex is a one-bedroom at 653 square feet.

While prices are not finalized, Sethi says the profit margin is “very tight” on the project to keep the homes affordable. These homes will be the best prices in the Lower Mainland, the company says.

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Suspicious Clients Article from RealtorLink News

Suspicious clients?

Have you ever suspected one of your clients isn’t being honest? This client may have bought and sold a number of properties using your services and may have referred others to you. But one day your client makes an offhand comment or you overhear part of a conversation that makes you wonder whether the “family businesses” or “investments” they say are the source of funds to buy properties, are legal.

Suspicious Clients Article from RealtorLink News

“Organized crime often takes great measures to appear legitimate,” explains Hughes. “Criminals use family members or relations who may look like a typical family with an ordinary business, while in reality they’re strawmen for criminals trafficking drugs, firearms, humans, stolen vehicles, or running illegal gambling and prostitution houses.”       

Teresa Hughes, Director of Investigations, Probe Inc.