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Howdy, my GOALS have grown.

Passion and hard work do pay off! All the pieces of the “Innovation” puzzle are starting to fit together.
My company, Landmax Inc. was recently accepted into Microsoft’s Bizspark “Start-up” Program. This
changed the “Scale” of our ambitions. Instead of building Real Estate Software and Systems for Canada,
we are now building “Global” solutions for all businesses.

The other key piece of the puzzle is Google Inc. Without Google, I could not innovate. They are the
catalyst. Google supplies an insane amount of resources to the developer community for free. They
innovate so you can innovate. It is very exciting to be a part of it.

So what happened?

“Visual Search”! Google built their empire on “Text Search” and they are the best at it. But there is
a major problem. You need to know the “Text” (keywords) to type in the search box. Then Google
invented “Consumer GIS” (Geographic Information Systems), but they do not call it that. It is called
Google Maps and Google Earth. Then they gave every developer in the world a “Key To The Candy

So I am now building the world’s best “Visual Search” solution for small business. The problem that I am
solving is that “Big Business” casts such a large shadow, small businesses are hard to find, including my
own. So here is the solution:

1)Build software that people can use every day = Weather, Traffic, Coffee…
2)Put all these everyday topics on one “Visual” Web Page.
3)Make it fast and easy.
4)Fill the screen from “edge to edge” with real content, no filler, no crap.
5)No SPAM! Unsolicited Display Advertising is SPAM. Stop doing it.
6)Make it “Visual” = MAP!
7)Add GIS data to tell the story and augment SEARCH.
8)Add insane search power (Google).
9)Add 100 million small businesses (Google Places for Business).
10)Add Google Street View.
11)Add Google Earth 3D View.
12)Add user generated content.
13)Allow sharing of users work.
14)Integrate with user systems like Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive or Office 365.
15)Add fun stuff like “Panoramio” Photos, Bike Paths, Web Cams.
16)Give users control over the site and save their preferences.
17)Rinse and Repeat…

Some background. For fun, I build “Easy Weather Map” and put it in the Google Chrome Store, for free.
But like any good innovative programmer, I could not leave it alone and started adding cool features.
Then more, then more. The name “Easy” was starting to be a misnomer. “Uber” was born. Now we
have with the tag line “Weather on Steroids”. Easy Weather Map (EWM) will be
a “Community” based weather application, while Uber Weather will be a “Global” version. Both will
share much of the UI and Feature Set so it will be simple to switch from one to the other. But EWM will

have “Hyper-Local” content, like “What’s the lunch special at the pub today? Every local business, event
and “Point of Interest” will be in EWM for free. All will be visually findable and text searchable.

You can read more about “Uber Weather” and “EWM” on our blog, just go to and follow the

This is very exciting and we want the whole world to share our innovations. Imagine, “Content with no
Crap”. Go to and see for yourself, but be kind, it is a “New Born” and may have some
unrefined behaviour. If you see some, there is a Feedback Form.

But now we are at the “Chicken or the Egg” dilemma, “Which comes first?”. Uber Weather and EWM
could use thousands of workers today, but we don’t have that infrastructure today. This is your chance
to get involved, but don’t expect to show up and just take money out. We need you to inject passion,
effort and money. This is “Game Changing” stuff, just like Netflix displaced the terrible video rental
experience. Our approach to “Unobtrusive Marketing” will displaces all those web sites crammed full of
SPAM. They exist because no one offered an alternate, until now.

If you like what we are doing, tell your friends. If you don’t, use our feedback form and we will fix the
issue. If you really like it, there is a “Donation” button. If you really, really like it, get involved.

Cheers James Swansburg


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