Press Release – “Uber Weather” represents Canada in Google Contest.

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Voting Officially Launched – Google Places API Developer Challenge

Uber Weather“, built by James Swansburg of Kimberley, BC, is representing Canada in an global Google Contest! This is a big deal. Uber Weather (UW) could change the world. UW is all “Content”, with NO SPAM. UW is “Weather” combined with the most powerful “Visual Search Engine” (VSE) on the planet.  UW is unique and disruptive technology. It is simple, but not to simple. And you will not out grow it.  Get involved! Change the world! Say NO to spam and useless “Noise” cuttering the Internet.

Google Announced Today:

Dear Challenge Supporters and Developers,

Over the last several months, developers from 27 countries around the world have been working hard to create innovative applications using the Google Places API and municipal data sources to improve their communities. Now it’s time for you and your peers to select your favorite applications and cast your votes for the People’s Choice Award!

Please visit the Google Places API Developer Challenge applications gallery to vote using the +1 buttons, and be sure to tell your friends about the gallery so that they can vote, too. Formal judging by our expert panel of judges will begin next week and we look forward to announcing the winners of all the exciting prizes in January.

Over the coming weeks, we will blog about these applications and continue discussing Challenge news on our website so please check back regularly for key news and announcements.

Best regards,

The Google Places API Developer Challenge Team

©2012 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

VOTE for Uber Weather! You need to have a Google Plus account to vote. If you already use gMail, just click the link in the top left called “+You”.

I made a video about how to vote HERE.

A nice video explaining what Google Plus is HERE . It is fun and worth watching.

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Google Girl Playlist – three short videos poking fun at Facebook.

GIS Goes Mainstream

Google has re-invented maps and GIS. Now we have “Consumer GIS” at a scale and speed that is unprecedented. If you have not played with it, the “Secret Sauce” is Google Fusion Tables (GFT). GFT allows almost unlimited data to be displayed on a Google Map and it is “Clickable”. And did I mention it is free!

So what can you build with this?  Check out Uber Weather. Built by one programmer with no budget. Amazing!

Google pre-renders GFT data and caches it. The more you use GFT, the faster it gets. So upload your interesting data and make it public. You win, the public wins. If your data would be cool on Uber Weather (UW), send me the link.

Mainstream? What is that all about? Maps and Weather are top search keywords. Combine the two and now we have serious reach! Uber Weather is “maps” and “weather” with GIS “sugar”. How about 13,000 “Ski Lifts”, instantly on the map at all times. This allows “Visual Search” and discovery at a unprecedented scale.

Game Changing Technology. Since amazing products can now be built and distributed with very tiny budgets, they don’t need to be covered in SPAM (Display Ads) to pay for the huge overhead. This is huge. Give the public a choice between the current “Noise” and  content that is 100% free of spam and there will be a massive shift in public demand. Be part of it. Help kill spam. Keep the Internet for content.

Uber Weather is doing its part. It is a “David & Goliath Story”, but it could have the same effect that Netflix had on the entrenched “Blockbuster Video” business model.

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GIS means accuracy. Accuracy is truth. We need more truth.

Cheers James Swansburg

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Uber Weather accepted into the Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012

Today, December 12 2012, Uber Weather (UW) was accepted as a contestant into the Google Places API Developer Challenge.

The UW details video is HERE.

Go HERE to vote!

The timeline for the contest is:

  • August 15, 2012: Submissions Begin
  • November 30, 2012: Deadline for Application Submission
  • December 12 – December 31, 2012: Public Voting
  • December 12 – January 11, 2013: Voting by Judges
  • January 30, 2013: Winners Announced
  • 2013: Live Streaming of Awards Presentation Hangout with a recap at the 2013 I/O Conference

The prizes are:

Showcase your Google Places API application at our annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco. There will be two categories of awards – Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice awards:

Judge’s Choice Award

Three (3) application entries will receive an immersive experience at Google I/O 2013, including:

  • 2 Google I/O tickets per winning team
  • $3500 travel stipend
  • A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
  • Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team

Three runners up will enjoy:

  • One (1) Google Nexus 7 16gb Tablet
  • A 15-minute hang out with a Google Executive

People’s Choice Award

One entry will be chosen by the voting public and will receive:

  • 2 Google I/O tickets per team
  • $3500 travel stipend
  • A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
  • Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team

Public Voting Starts TODAY!

Please visit the Google Places API Developer Challenge applications gallery to vote for Uber Weather using the +1 buttons.

Ski Industry

Uber Weather is amazing for skiing. If you are interested in skiing, you may want to watch the videos in this POST.

Google Chrome Web Store

You can go directly to Uber Weather just by typing the URL, or you can install it from the Google Chrome Web Store via these INSTRUCTIONS.

Kickstart the Ski World

What do you get if you combine, the best weather data, with the best maps, with the best business data, with “Visual Search”,  and NO SPAM?

Uber Weather! Now add 13,ooo ski lifts and thousands of ski destinations and what do you have?  Find out:

YouTube Videos

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Install Uber Weather into Google Chrome –

Or go directly to

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Designated Agency in BC

Designated Agency will become the industry practice standard in British Columbia as of June 1, 2012. Read more here:

The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map

The Homebuyers’ Road Map is a public information toolkit to help homebuyers make informed decisions and planning when choosing a home. This project is a collaboration between The Canadian Real Estate Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.


Click this image for more info:

Easy Weather Map (EWM) upgrading to Microsoft Azure cloud hosting.

Easy Weather Map is moving from a “fun side project” of Landmax Inc, to a massively scale-able web application, now hosted on Microsoft Azure. The transition is just starting but we are very optimistic of the raw power that the Azure cloud services will bring to EWM.

Much of EWM already runs on Googles incredible infrastructure, now that will be complimented by Microsoft. Together the two giant cloud computing providers will allow  EWM to service millions of users. EWM is an exciting, new approach of combining global weather and local business resources. The current application is almost 100% build on Google APIs. Just type EASY WEATHER MAP into Google to check it out.

Cheers James

New Beta for Easy Weather Map – Preview and Comment

Hi, the “Preview” version of the next Easy Weather Map (EWM) is here:

Or read about it here:

The first beta of EWM is in the Google Chrome Store and here:

Cheers James

Easy Weather Map (EWM) looking for advanced WordPress Developer

Hi, we are developing a global web app (EWM) and need a WordPress site to support users. Our office is in Kimberely, BC, Canada, but you could work remotely. Type in “Easy Weather Map” in Google or use the Chrome Store. You will see a link to “Preview Next Release”. There you will see a link to the new site. Once there, click the “Feedback” link.

Notice the brand new empty WordPress site, this is where you come it.

Cheers James