Voting Officially Launched – Google Places API Developer Challenge

Uber Weather“, built by James Swansburg of Kimberley, BC, is representing Canada in an global Google Contest! This is a big deal. Uber Weather (UW) could change the world. UW is all “Content”, with NO SPAM. UW is “Weather” combined with the most powerful “Visual Search Engine” (VSE) on the planet.  UW is unique and disruptive technology. It is simple, but not to simple. And you will not out grow it.  Get involved! Change the world! Say NO to spam and useless “Noise” cuttering the Internet.

Google Announced Today:

Dear Challenge Supporters and Developers,

Over the last several months, developers from 27 countries around the world have been working hard to create innovative applications using the Google Places API and municipal data sources to improve their communities. Now it’s time for you and your peers to select your favorite applications and cast your votes for the People’s Choice Award!

Please visit the Google Places API Developer Challenge applications gallery to vote using the +1 buttons, and be sure to tell your friends about the gallery so that they can vote, too. Formal judging by our expert panel of judges will begin next week and we look forward to announcing the winners of all the exciting prizes in January.

Over the coming weeks, we will blog about these applications and continue discussing Challenge news on our website so please check back regularly for key news and announcements.

Best regards,

The Google Places API Developer Challenge Team

©2012 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

VOTE for Uber Weather! You need to have a Google Plus account to vote. If you already use gMail, just click the link in the top left called “+You”.

I made a video about how to vote HERE.

A nice video explaining what Google Plus is HERE . It is fun and worth watching.

If you are interested in Uber Weather, there are more posts here:

Here is the “Short Link” to this post –  – use this in Twitter etc. where space is limited for long URLs.

BONUS! Google Plus “Fun” Videos – these are a hoot:

Google Girl Playlist – three short videos poking fun at Facebook.


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