Uber Weather is NOW in the Google Chrome Store

Our goal is simple: The best Global Weather!
PLUS complete community information.
Every Business, Event, Point of Interest, Special Deals – it is all on Uber Weather.

Uber Weather is NOW in the Google Chrome Store!

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store
  2. Type Uber Weather in the Search bar
  3. Click “Add to Chrome”

Videos on Installing Uber Weather (UW) into Chrome:

What is “Uber Weather”? Part 1 – Weather on Steroids

  • In Part 1, we talk about installing Uber Weather into Google Chrome, the various data sources that we use and GIS – Geographic Information Systems technology, the power behind Uber Weather.

“What is Uber Weather?” Part 2 – Google Earth Tour

  • In Part 2 we jump into a demo of discovering a new place in Uber Weather, then exploring it further using Google Earth. Very cool stuff!

You do not need to install Uber Weather into Chrome, you can just go to the URL: http://UberWeather.com

But if you use Google Chrome as your Web Browser, then installing UW makes it very handy. In the future, we will add “Chrome Only” features, but for now it does not matter what browser you use, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Also, we have not added touch to the User Interface yet, so mobile does not work well. UW is optimized for large screens!

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Cheers The UW Team


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