Landmax Inc. – Innovative, “Location Centric” Software

  1. “Visual Search”
  2. “Consumer GIS”BizSpark
  3. “Unobtrusive Marketing”

What does that mean? Our software is designed around visualization of data. Maps are our first choice. To them we add GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data in a consumer friendly way. For example, our Easy Weather Map (EWM) has over 14,000 ski lifts instantly displayed on a “Terrain” Map. You can find Ski Resorts and understand them within seconds without knowing there name. Visual Search is not new, but mixed with GIS Technology, it is the new powerhouse of Search.

Location centric markets like Tourism and Real Estate are the winners with our innovation. All our products share a similar user experience so once you learn one, you can use them all.

Landmax is currently building ” Landmax Realty ” for Canada, and for British Columbia.

And Easy Weather Map for the world – a free, fun, fast, “full screen”, global weather map with no clutter (ads).

Please contact us for custom solutions, either via contract or joint venture.


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