Easy Weather Map – English Global Version v2.11.13

Easy Weather Map is a global, full screen weather map without annoying display ads cluttering the screen. It is an exciting, new approach of combining global weather and local business resources. Easy Weather Map is a massively scalable web application that is now being hosted on Microsoft Azure. Much of EWM already runs on Google’s incredible infrastructure and now the two giant cloud computing providers will allow EWM to service millions of users. Especially now that EWM has become a multilingual website.

The Level of Detail you would like depends on three tabs that control the zoom, Cloud Layer, Regional View, and City View. Cloud Layer gives you a Global View of what kind of weather is happening around the World. Regional View zooms in on your location and surrounding areas Weather Forecasts.  This view also has Points of Interest Icons if you are interested in more interesting layers. City View is for “Business” search and extra features like “Real Time Traffic” and “Google Street View”.

Every business on”Google Places” and “Google Plus” will be on our map, we want a map with the most information possible you can find in one place. Easy Weather Map is your Community Portal. We are constantly changing and improving to meet our consumers needs.

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