REM – 50 lessons my broker taught me

I began selling in real estate in 1982 when I was 21-years-old and I already knew it all. My only distractions were money, the opposite sex and not-so-occasional adult recreational beverages. There were no computers. There was no Internet. Consequently there was no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or social games and there certainly were no smartphones. When it came to selling real estate it was all about STP. I was given a sticker for this well-known oil company from my broker. I promise to tell you the significance at the end of this article.

Here’s what I learned:

• Take a card and leave a card. Build your database with friends, family, spheres of influences and other Realtors. They all help to sell your listings and send you buyers.

• Return calls. It is rude to ignore people. Even people you think can do nothing for you.

• Carry a pen and something to write on. Always be ready to take a number down –

it will always lead somewhere. (Adjust accordingly for the advent of smartphones!)

• Always overdress. Someone will always notice even when you don’t think anyone’s watching.

• Wear a watch. Use it.

• Make appointments. Keep them. Showing up is half the b

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