Ski Resorts & Cross Country Trails have been added to EWM

Easy Weather Map has the capacity to add Interesting Layers if you send us the data source. Currently we have been working on integrating with On the Snow, Ski Map, and Open Piste Map, just in time for Ski Season! At the moment we have added all the Ski Resorts and Cross Country Trails around the World! The data to do this comes from Open Street Map via conversion from WeoGeo.

To Check out our NEW Feature go to

You will not be able to see the Ski Resorts as soon as you enter our website because you will be on the Cloud Layer. All Points of Interests, like Ski Resorts will be under our Regional View. Here you can zoom in/out and check out any Ski Resort in the world. If you click on one of the Ski Resorts it will provide you with a link to that Ski Resorts website (not applicable to all of them).

Play around with this New Feature and let us know what you think!


One Response to Ski Resorts & Cross Country Trails have been added to EWM

  1. annswansburg says:

    There are 14,310 dark red lines on EWM under the “City View”. These Represent “Aerial Lifts”, which are mainly at Ski Resorts, but may also be for other uses. The red lines on the map will show you where the Ski Lifts are located on the Ski Hill and the length of each one. It gives you an idea of where you will be skiing on that mountain and what the terrain for each of the lifts will be like. An awesome way to plan your Ski trip and what mountain is right for you!

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