Looking to Sell Your Home? Well Landmax Listing Tools are here to help!

There is NO more guessing on where your home is located to your costumers. If a costumer is interested in your property all you have to do is send them your Property Presentation that you have created from Landmax Listing Tools. These tools help you accurately describe any parcel of land in the world, and easily save, print or share. Landmax Listing Tools are about LOCATION “Accuracy” and “Sharing”.

Features of Landmax Listings Tools are:

  1. We use PIDmap.com(created by Landmax Inc.) to extract the GIS data for the parcel and superimpose the parcel outline onto a Google base map.
  2. Google Street View is used to show a 360-degree street level image.
  3. Birds-eye View is an elevated view of the house/neighbourhood, with a perspective as though the observer where a bird.
  4. Google Earth lets you view the terrain around you in 3D.

Not all Properties will have access to all of these features depending on what information Google has on your area.

Just go to GOOGLE and type in, LANDMAX LISTING TOOLS or LANDMAX LISTING SERVICES and create your Property Presentation!


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