Traffic, Transit, Bike Paths and Interesting Data Layers on Easy Weather Map

Easy Weather Map:

Traffic, Transit, Bike Paths: 

Google provides some interesting global layers that we have included in the EWM “City View” tab. “Real Time Traffic” color codes main roads with Green as OK. Yellow as Warning and Red has issues. Now you can check the weather and traffic in one place! We also put in the Transit Routes and Bike Paths. These data layers are not available for all locations, so try them out to see if your area is covered.

Interesting Data Layers:

As we find interesting data layers, we will add these choices to EWM. For example, we are working on adding all the Ski Resorts, including the actual lifts shown on the map. All the airports with airline routes. If you have information that would you would like to see on EWM, just send us a request and we will try and get it.


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