Level of Detail Tabs, Search and History on Easy Weather Map

Easy Weather Map: http://en.easyweathermap.com/

Level of Detail (LOD): 

There are three tabs at the top that control the zoom and thus, “Level of Detail” (LOD). Further choices will change based on LOD:

  • Cloud Layer is best for Weather, Search, History and Settings. You can quickly click the arrow markers to go to your saved places and Zoom In.
  • Regional View gives more choices for “Weather Icon” locations and POIs (Points of Interest).
  • City View is for “Business” and extra features like “Real Time Traffic” and “Google Street View” (not in all cities).

Pay attention as you click the LOD Tabs, other content will hide or show. Our goal is to keep your screen as clutter free as possible.

Search & History: 

Use the SEARCH Tab to find any city. Just start to type and choices will appear. Pick the correct choice from the list. Each city you visit appears in your HISTORY Tab.

You can set your HOME view, that is the default city that shows when you open EWM. You can also delete an individual city from history or all your history. History is only saved on your local computer in the current browser. If you go to a new browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) or new computer, you will have no history. We may make a way for you to save to a server in a future release. Let us know if this would be desirable.

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