Business Search and Google Street View on Easy Weather Map

Easy Weather Map:

Business Search: 

Business locations are provided by “Google Places” and “Google Plus”. Zoom and Pan the map to the area you are interested in. Then, if you know the Business Name, start to type it in the lower box. Google will start to suggest businesses as you type. If you see your choice, arrow down and press enter, of click it. If you don’t know the Business Name, then use the TYPE Pull Down menu and Google will show you icons on the map. Make sure to set the map view first, before searching for a business as Google attempts to only show results based on the map view.

Google Street View:

When you are in “City View”, you can Search for Businesses by Name or Type. Click the desired icon and an Info Window will pop up with a “Google Street View” (SV) button. If SV is available, it will open full screen and a “Mini-Map” will open to help navigate.


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