Easy Weather Map (EWM) – Global Home Page

The EWM Story

Easy Weather Map grew from the frustration of the existing weather apps BLOATED with “Display Ads”. Landmax Inc. builds map based consumer web applications that have a strong emphasis on “Location”. One of these projects, PIDmap.com, was a bit boring, so we added a “Weather Layer” to spruce it up a bit.

Then an interesting thing happened. We found ourselves going to PIDmap to check the weather cause it loaded WAY FASTER than the other choices. So, we made a very basic EWM version and uploaded it to the Google Chrome Store. Here is the direct link: http://landmax.ca/weather/index.htm. Positive feedback started to come in. If you load EWM from the Chrome Store, then it will show up in your Apps area of Chrome.

Preview Beta2

So our next EWM Release is almost baked. You can peek in the oven HERE. Any feedback is appreciated!

The main changes between V1 and V2 are:

  • Mini Map is gone.
  • Three SPEED tabs are added to top of the NavWidget (the orange thing on the screen).
  • Business Lookup Added.
  • Google Street View Added – working on mini-navigator
  • Added “Precipitation” Layer with Opacity Slider.

Just noticed another bug, be back soon…

Cheers James

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