REM – Success puts the degree on hold

“A young Quebec couple finds love and business marketing real estate”

They are so successful they have not had time to complete their degrees. Young Realtors Francis Lavoie and Audrey Bien-Aimé of Re/Max Platine F.L. in Saint-Constant, Que.  met while working for a telecommunications company.  As colleagues, they realized they were hooked together at the atomic level and that they would complement each other well in business and as a couple.

“My strength is human relations (psychology) while Francis has very strong analytical skills,” says Bien-Aimé, 28, in a telephone interview.

While many brokers are content with five to seven transactions per year, she and her partner had 22 to 30 transactions per year in their early years at Re/Max. “The two of us together were still just making $155,000,” says Lavoie. Even though he was only 20-years-old, Lavoie was not satisfied with those numbers.

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