New & Exciting Features on Easy Weather Map!

Landmax Inc. is currently building “Easy Weather Map” for the world. Its a free, fun, fast, “full-screen” global weather map with no clutter (ads).

We could not have existed two years ago. Our pace of innovation dwarfs everything that came before. There is no looking back.

Please check out our NEW upgraded version of Easy Weather Map!

New Features:

  1. Current Conditions Tab – What’s happening Now!
  2. Short-term Weather Network Tab – Planning for the week!
  3. “Cloud Layer” Tab – Where you can see what the Clouds are doing!
  4. “Region View” Tab – Take a closer look!
  5. “City View” Tab – This is where you can “Find a Business” in your area or check out the “Points of Interest”!
  6. Also a “Precipitation” layer has been added to our map as well!

We currently have Easy Weather Map – Cranbrook, ready for you to play around with and give us your feedback! Your feedback on bugs, data or use-ability issues is appreciated. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy our NEW product!

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