What do I get with Landmax Realty?

“Information is not knowledge.” Albert Einstein 

If you want the best deal possible,

you need the best knowledge possible.

Landmax* is “Maximum Knowledge”, with no pressure!

Customers have compared Landmax to “Speed Dating” for Real Estate. You get the most important information within seconds , then you can drill down if the initial criteria are satisfactory.

  1. Maximum Realtor.ca content and exposure, with link to custom web presentation.
  2. Landmax exclusive, full screen (HD), Google optimized web page online within 24 hours.
      Up to FOUR custom views:
    • Google Map with “Polygon” outline of your land
    • Google Street View (if applicable)
    • Google Earth 3D with parcel outline (if applicable)
    • Microsoft Birds-Eye View
  3. Video “Screen-Cast” tour of your property
  4. PDF’s of all pertinent Documentation (Zoning, Bylaws, Utilities, etc.
  5. Real Estate Sign with MLS® Number for Further Information

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