UberWeather.com now has Global Time Zones & Ocean Surf Data

time zone

Uber Weather is all about “Visual Search”. To that we had GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data in a user friendly way. Recently we have added a couple “New” features to Uber Weather, Global Time Zones and Ocean Surf Data. With the Global Time Zones feature you are now able to tell the GMT Offset, Date and Time anywhere in the world. The Ocean Surf Data gives you the option to choose a date on which you would like to know certain facts like wave height, peak wave period, air temperature, etc. Our Goal is Simple, the best Global Weather! Plus complete Community Information.

surf dataP.S. Play around with the “New” Features and let us know what you think! We are always updating and changing our application and it may have some BUGS, so please let us know!




Landmark Steps to Liberate Open Data

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On May 9th, as he heads to Austin, Texas, for a Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour, President Obama signed an Executive Order directing historic steps to make government-held data more accessible to the public and to entrepreneurs and others as fuel for innovation and economic growth. The Executive Order declares that information is a valuable resource and strategic asset for the Nation. We couldn’t agree more.

Under the terms of the Executive Order and a new Open Data Policy released today by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Management and Budget, all newly generated government data will be required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats, greatly enhancing their accessibility and usefulness, while ensuring privacy and security.

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Google Developers Live: Don Dodge interviews David Weekly

Root access: How your startup should work with advisors, with David Weekly

David Weekly

Streamed live on Mar 7, 2013

Don Dodge interviews David Weekly about how to use advisors for your startup effectively and what kind of contract to have with them. David Weekly founded PBWorks, a hosted wiki/collaboration service that serves four million people a month. He also started HackerDojo, a co-working space in Mountain View, CA, where Pinterest was born. David has been on both sides of the table multiple times: getting help from advisors for his startups and advising entrepreneurs on their startups.

A “NEW” Feature has been added to Uber Weather Creston!

A “NEW” High Resolution Imagery Layer has been added to Uber Weather Creston from Environment Canada. This new layer will show you a 2-Day Animation of the Temperature, Precipitation, and Snow Mass from hourly images.

  • Watch a Video from our Developer on this “NEW” Feature – Screencast on snow moving in on Kimberley

High Resolution Animation


Venture capital drought over, would-be entrepreneurs told


After a decade-long drought, venture capital has become plentiful again in Canada, attendees at the National Business and Technology Conference in Toronto were told on Saturday.

“We’ve gone from a decade of inactivity … to there being a surplus almost,” said Ray Sharma, founder and president of Toronto game developer XMG Studio Inc.  and co-founder ofExtreme Venture Partners, an early-stage investor based in Toronto. “This is the best time to start up a company.”

Sharma said venture capital started flowing last year after “10 years in Canada where there was a death valley in venture capital.” Speaking as part of a panel on venture capital at the two-day conference, he told an audience made up largely of university students that it is easier now to find funding than it has been for a decade.

That doesn’t mean everyone with an idea will get funding, though, and fellow panelist Andy Yang offered some advice on what venture capitalists want to see.

Yang, managing director and chief innovation hunter for Extreme Startups and a former venture capitalist at BlackBerry Partners Fund, said he looks closely at the team pitching an idea – not just their skills but the rapport among the team members. He also prefers to see disruptive technology and strong intellectual property, rather than a team that is “just going to create an app and hope for the best.”

Toronto-based Extreme Startups puts startups through a 12-week accelerator program that includes $50,000 up front and up to $150,000 in additional investment.

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Payroll Hero gets $1 million in seed funding; scores talent from promise of Whistler pow!

Payroll Hero gets $1 million in seed funding;  scores talent with promise of Whistler pow

What does cruising through early-morning powder on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb have to do with cutting-edge payroll software on the other side of the globe?

For Vancouver entrepreneur Steve Jagger, it’s everything.

Faced with the task of recruiting talent for their latest start-up Payroll Hero, Jagger and his partner Mike Stephenson dealt the one card that trumps Silicon Valley — cut fresh tracks first, code later.

“We call them adventure engineers,” Jagger said of the computer engineers who have moved to Whistler to work out of an office in Function Junction when they’re not on the slopes. “We wanted to find a unique way to compete for talent — we set up an office in Whistler so we could attract talent with the mountain.

“Instead of competing head to head with Silicon Valley, where whatever we offer, someone can get $5,000 more a year in two seconds with someone else, we attract adventure engineers and we sell them on the idea of working and living in Whistler, taking off ski days and starting work at noon so they ski in the morning.”

When they’re working, they’re part of a 12-person virtual global team that has created a cloud-based software solution for companies that need to find a one-stop solution for tracking employees’ time, attendance, scheduling and keeping payroll.

So far it’s a strategy that’s finding success. Payroll Hero that has just announced $1 million in seed funding from a number of angel investors including Ryan Holmes, CEO of Vancouver-based social media management company HootSuite.

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Landmax Inc. has built a “Points of Interest” Editor for Kimberley, BC!

Landmax Inc,  a Software Development Company, has built a NEW Editor for Businesses in Kimberley, BC. Landmax specializes in “Visual Search”, “Consumer GIS”, and “Unobtrusive Marketing and that is exactly what you get with this new application. We have designed this application around visualization of the data. Now when you search for a Business, you can search by Category and not have to know the name of the Business you are  looking for. Once you have selected a business you can see where it is located via Satellite Imagery and Street View.


POI Editor photo

Points of Interest (POI) Editor is a NEW product and may still contain some bugs throughout it. Please play around with editor and let us know what you think!


Kimberley’s Hiking Trails are now in 3D on Uber Weather!

Kimberley Nature Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Canada and is now on Uber Weather in 3D! Trial names and distances are provided for you and all the trails are located entirely within the City boundaries, with varied terrain and diverse ecosystems. Kimberley is known for there 1800 acre Nature Park and you can now see it all in Google Earth!




hiking trails


CMT – Bank Mortgages: Disclosure and Suitability

There are so many things the Average Joe doesn’t know about the mortgage business.disclosure-of-mortgages

One is that bank mortgage reps often get paid more for selling higher rates—as do many brokers.

Another is that banks sometimes direct borrowers to outside lenders that the bank has financial relationships with. This happens when the bank chooses not to service the applicant directly (due to qualification issues or an inability to meet the customer’s expectations).

Both of these issues entail potential conflicts and disclosure problems, but banking regulators don’t monitor these matters as closely as you’d think. That was the topic in this week’s Globe column: That story

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REM – RECO decision riles education providers

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is set to introduce a new online mandatory continuing education program that it says will provide significant benefits to registrants.reco

The courses will be administered and delivered directly from RECO, a move that has riled the province’s third-party education providers.

Set to start August 1, the new program represents a complete overhaul of the current system in terms of content, structure, price and how courses are delivered. The new course material has been limited to focus strictly on consumer protection, regulatory matters and current industry issues. These courses will be delivered in an online format only.

The entire continuing education program, which will be phased in over a two-year period, will cost registrants a mere $44 for the whole two-year cycle. RECO says this low fee is based on the fact that it is delivering the entire program online and that it is a not-for-profit organization working strictly on a cost-recovery basis.

This marks a significant departure from the current system where approved third-party education providers offer courses in several real estate, business and technology related subjects, and deliver these courses not only online, but also through correspondence and in a classroom setting.

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